5 Reasons to Stay Away from At-Home Mold Test Kits

Written by: L.E. Alexander, ESG Environmental Services Manager Our firm regularly receives calls from homeowners who have purchased at-home mold testing kits that seemed to provide evidence of fungal growth. These kits generally contain settling plates which are simple sampling…

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The Ever-Growing Importance of Indoor Air Filtration

Written by: Dan Whittaker, ESG Environmental Investigator The exciting era of energy efficient buildings is evolving and growing, but did you know that improving the efficiency of your house could be affecting your health? Every time a gap in a…

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Energy Saving Tips That Make Cents

Written By: Alexandra Kirsten, ESG Marketing Coordinator Unless you’ve made the decision to live like the ‘Alaskan Bush People’, utility bills are an inevitable part of life. These bills include gas, electric, and water and can vary depending on where…

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