Light Switches Can Be Big Sources of Leaks

Here’s an interesting video from our friends at Energy Vanguard that shows how much air can leak through simple things like light switches. The idea of some air leaking from one switch may not be concerning but when you multiply it by all of the switches and outlets in a home it can result in a fair amount of leakage. Due to the fact that most hardware stores sell insulated sealers for this issue, fixing it is fairly easy. You can typically find a pack of insulated sealers for less than $5.00 for packs with as many as 14 pieces.Once you purchase one of these kits, the steps for installation (also included with the packages) are very simple:

  • Remove Plate.
  • Punch out pre-cut holes in sealer.
  • Place over receptacle/switch toggle.
  • Replace plate.
  • For multi-receptacle/switch boxes, trim sealers to size with scissors, tape together, and install. If you’re looking for other ways to make your home efficient, consider one of our home energy audits. We can come in and find just the right thing for your particular home.