Ten Tips for Your Home This Winter

Written by Craig Whittaker, Founder of ESG Sometimes while going through old files, we find great documents that Craig created and we just have to share. Below are 10 tips for keeping your homes dry, energy efficient, and healthy this winter.

  • Winterize pipes in the crawl space (if an older home) and outdoor faucets (all homes) to prevent freezing.
  • Trim back limbs that could fall on your roof in the event of an ice storm.
  • Install pleated paper furnace filters with a MERV rating of 6 or higher.
  • Close crawl space vents – this keeps cold air out.
  • Be sure a vapor barrier is installed over all the dirt in your crawl space and insulation covers the sub-floor.
  • Use humidifiers little if at all. Adding moisture to a home in our climate is problematic.
  • Lowering the thermostat too low can cause condensation issues on humid days. If your windows are wet on the inside, then the house is too damp – increasing the temperature will usually correct this condition.
  • If going away for the Holidays, arrange to have someone go inside your home every day to check for leaks. Many an icemaker line has failed when the homeowner is away and left them with a soggy mess and a major mold issue. 
  • If we do have a mild day, open some windows to allow fresh air into the home. Outdoor air is healthier than indoor air due to all the chemicals inside our homes. 
  • Live Christmas trees, while fragrant and beautiful, are a major source of mold allergens. Unwrapping the tree and let it sit outdoors for a few days prior to bringing inside will help reduce the number of mold spores. 
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