Home Energy Audits

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Brrrrr! It’s cold enough outside, don’t let the cold inside, too!

Home Energy Audits

You need to be comfortable in your home, and a home energy audit can help.  Your home is where you rest your head at night, it’s where you wake up, and it’s a major investment. It should feel cozy and comfortable. There are many different ways to measure comfort, and what is comfortable to one person might not be comfortable to another.  Some people like plush recliners, other people like firm futons.  Some like large open layouts, others like small, cozy spaces. Some like lots of books and knick-knacks, others like a very minimalist home. While there are plenty of ways to measure comfort, one key feature of homes that everyone can agree on is drafts are NOT comfortable.  That unexpected temperature change can feel like a small storm system blowing through your house.  With temperatures dropping to single digits, a draft can cut into your comfort and also increase your heating bills.  If you have a draft in your home, you need a home energy audit.

Audits have a bad reputation, thanks in part to taxes, but there is nothing bad about a home energy audit.  The process starts with an appointment where the expert auditors will come into your home and look at key features of the building to determine what issues you have.  This can mean looking at doors, windows, water heaters, the attic, and even the wall outlets for a few hours.  A home energy auditor will also bring in air duct testing and blower door equipment to help test your HVAC system and overall home energy efficiency by finding strong leaks throughout your house.  You might also see a thermal imaging camera used around your home to find cold spots which could be letting air into the building. Expert auditors will be able to point out some issues right away as well as write up a detailed report afterwards.

A blower door installed for testing a building
A standard blower door setup

Drafts in your home can be caused by a few different sources, all of them can be fixed with some home improvement projects.  A home energy audit will help pinpoint which home improvement projects are needed.  This can range from insulating power outlets to fixing cracks around windows or holes in the roof.  Drafts are a sign that your house needs some help and a home energy audit finds what needs fixing.

When you’re looking for a home energy audit, we recommend finding a third party auditor.  A third party auditor just performs audits, they don’t repair homes or do home improvements.  This means there is not conflict of interest between the audit and the list of issues.  You can be sure that the list is filled with actual issues that can make your home more energy efficient instead of unnecessary projects.  You can find a good third party energy auditor online, or by clicking here, but we do recommend you do some research to make sure you’re choosing an experienced third party auditor.

Drafts not only give you a chill, but also carry away your heat and energy, costing you comfort and money.  Identifying and resolving issues will make your home more energy efficient as well as more comfortable.  Do yourself a favor; combat drafts in your home today with a home energy audit and stay comfortable all year long.

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