Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Do you have questions or concerns about the air quality of your home or business? We can help.

Poor air quality and pollutants in the air can cause both short-term and long-term negative effects in those who spend time in the environment. If you have any worries, getting tested is a smart and practical solution. See the EPA’s Introduction to Indoor Air Quality for more information.  

ESG’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations are professionally, scientifically, and efficiently conducted following the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendations, using state of the art equipment.

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Why you should consider ESG: 

  • Experience – hundreds of properties assessed yearly; our clients include property owners, builders, school & government officials, physicians, attorneys, and more
  • Proven methodology – our methods are consistent from building to building and provide reliable, scientifically-based data
  • Cost-effective – pricing is based (in part) on how extensive the job will be and no samples are taken without consent of the client, which keeps pricing both transparent and low
  • Friendly, professional investigators who are certified and trained in identifying the issues leading to indoor air quality issues
  • Helpful, down-to-earth communication – ESG understands the importance of communicating the facts in a useful, understandable manner 

Living room

Assessment includes:

  • Gathering building history
  • Visually surveying the interior and perimter of the property
  • Determining the airborne particle count readings in each room–elevated counts can indicate an air quality issue related to biological growth
  • Measuring temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, dewpoint, and volatile organic compounds
  • Moisture readings of building materials, crawl space soil, joists, and sub-floor decking
  • Collecting surface and/or air samples to bring to an AIHA-accredited lab for analysis
  • 30 minutes of telephone consultation time following the investigation
  • Delivering a report within 7-10 business days that identifies the source(s) of contaminants and interprets the test results. Should contamination be identified, specifications/protocols can be developed which detail the steps that will need to be taken to correct the problems.

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