Moisture Prevention Testing for New Construction

Image of a building with walls and ceiling covered in moldOur technicians have seen a lot of properties with serious moisture and mold issues over the years. Dealing with these issues can be complicated and expensive. But a bit of preventative maintenance can help protect both the building and the builder from future problems.

That’s something we can help with! ESG offers moisture prevention testing for in-progress construction. Our certified technicians perform on-site testing on the property twice during construction: once when the frame is up, and a second time before the tenants move in. This allows them to catch any potential problems before they become larger and more serious — ultimately saving both money and time.

Interior of building during construction

In addition to saving money and time, the third party testing and verification we offer can reduce future liability, and we can provide documentation that can be used for warranties and legal purposes.

Interested in moisture prevention testing? Contact us to for more information or to schedule testing.