Total UA Report (AKA REScheck)

A Total UA Report (formerly known as REScheck) allows builders more freedom when it comes to compliance testing.

As a builder, you have the option of using a prescriptive path or a performance path to meet program codes. While the prescriptive path is clearly defined, the performance path allows you some flexibility and creativity because you can use trade-offs to meet code requirements.

If you want to follow the performance path, and for example, not install the prescriptive levels of insulation in part of the home, you can plan to install more or less insulation in other parts of the home, and as long as the “total UA” (which is a measurement of the total envelope insulation average as it applies to a heat loss) still conforms to the code, your building is considered compliant.

ESG provides the modeling reports for the trade-offs to ensure compliance with NC code. Contact us today for more information or scheduling.