HERS Ratings

Money and plug on energy bill

The HERS Index is an industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. This rating can tell you a lot about your home, such as how efficiently it’s operating and where you can make modifications for greater energy savings. 

With our certified Home Energy Raters, ESG assesses the energy efficiency of new or existing homes and assigns a relative performance score. The lower the number, the more efficient the home.

In order to obtain this score, we will use the following tools and information:

HERS Index chart

  • Air infiltration analysis (blower door and duct blaster tests)
  • Thermal imaging analysis with select photographs of areas identified with possible energy losses
  • Listing of installed building components for application to the  ENERGY STAR® certification requirements
  • Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist
  • Indoor Air Quality Checklist (if applicable)

 A HERS certificate will be provided around date of closing.

For builders or homeowners looking to sell their home, a low HERS index can command a higher resale price. For those looking to buy a home, having a HERS index available to you can help you to anticipate what your energy bills and efficiency upgrades will cost.

Builders interested in HERS should look into RESNET’s EnergySmart Builder classification for additional advantages. 

Visit the RESNET website to get a better understanding of the different HERS Index Scores and contact ESG to let us help you determine your home’s score.