Lead Testing

Lead was widely used in the creation of various consumer products before it was revealed to be toxic to humans. It can still be found in the paint, pipes, dust, and soil of older buildings. Because lead can cause poisoning when inhaled, absorbed, or consumed, it’s a smart idea to get your home or business tested for lead if you have any concerns. To learn more about the dangers of lead exposure, click here.

ESG provides the following tests for lead:

  • lead dust wipe sampling
  • lead paint chip sampling
  • lead soil sampling
  • lead water sampling

ESG holds Lead Firm Certification from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. We regularly perform lead testing in residential homes and businesses.

Please contact us if you need lead testing or would like more information on our lead testing services.

Angie's List Lead Quote: "The most accurate testing method is an inspection by a professional who can detect even microscopic amounts of lead."